St. James serves Fair Trade coffee at our hospitality counter following worship services. 

Fair Trade coffee, tea and chocolates are also available for purchase most Sunday mornings in the church lobby before worship. In addition, fair trade sales are held once a year offering people an opportunity to purchase baskets, scarves, jewelry, toys and other hand made items from around the world.


What is Fair Trade?

Fair Trade is a trading partnership that seeks greater equity in international trade. Fair Trade products assure that small-scale farmers have been given a fair and dependable price for their crops on the world market. Farmers gain greater access to credit that helps in creating a more sustainable livelihood. And democratically-run organizations give farmers a stronger voice to negotiate fair prices.


When you buy Fair Trade Coffee & Chocolate,

more of the money you spend reaches the hands of the farmers and families who grew them.  All the items for sale are purchased through LWR (Lutheran World Relief) 

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Eco Palms Image

St. James also purchases Eco Palms through LWR for use in worship each Palm Sunday. When our congregation purchases Eco-Palms through LWR, we know that the harvesters were paid fairly for them and that our purchase helps protect important forests and sustainable livelihoods in the harvesting communities.


Why does St. James support Fair Trade?


The answer is simple: Fair Trade is in line with Lutheran theology and our values, and it serves our mission of ending poverty, injustice and human suffering.

Fair Trade not only ensures that people get fair prices for their quality products, it also gives them the tools they need to work their way out of poverty:

  • Access to credit, which allows them to build up their businesses
  • Skills training and education
  • Collective power to negotiate better prices and to help members ride out hard times
  • Financial support for community development programs like schools, health clinics and public wells

The Fair Trade system encourages and teaches farmers to diversify and to use environmentally friendly farming practices, which leads to food security, better nutrition and higher soil quality.


For more information on LWR, click here

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