"Whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me"

-Mark 9:37a


Mission for Vision Alive

Vision Alive is an orphanage in Kisumu Kenya that was started by Jayne Odessey, a member of St. James. Our ministry of supporting Vision Alive started in 2012 when the orphanage was damaged by flooding, which St. James helped rebuild. Today, through a sponsorship program, members primarily from St. James, support 34 orphaned and vulnerable children with the cost of boarding school, school breaks and post high school education, with the goal being to help them become self-sufficient. Funding to support the ministry comes primarily from the sponsors (currently at $650 per year/child), the St. James budget, and several different find raising events including purchasing gift cards through Raise Right. If you are interested in learning more about the ministry and/or how you cab help, please call the church office at (610) 282-3290. We would love to hear from you. 

One of our members traveled to Kisumu in August of 2023 to visit the orphanage, meet the children and caretakers, and see where many of the children lived prior to Vision Alive. 

 “The level of poverty is staggering. No running water or bathrooms nor much in the way of electricity. Most of the children lost their parents to HIV and, if they were lucky, were living with a grandparent or sibling. Some were not that lucky and were homeless. Our support for these children has lifted them out of abject poverty and will provide them the opportunity, through education, to find employment which will not only help to support themselves but also their family members.  It is uplifting to see how far they've come in the short amount of time we have been supporting them.”

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